COVID 19 edges out specialist outpatient clinics

The suspension of routine Specialist Outpatient Department Clinics at Seychelles Hospital to achieve social distancing has left many older patients and patients with chronic illnesses wondering what to do to see their usual specialists at the time of their scheduled appointments or to have their prescriptions refilled.

While the Health Care Agency certainly has a business continuity plan which also addresses this, that plan has not been widely communicated.

“I do not know where to go now for my thyroid medicine,” says a middle-aged patient.

“We have been edged out! My district clinic doctor does not have any information about my thyroid issue. I cannot easily go there!”

Seychelles Patients Association has received many queries along these lines and has requested a communication from the Health Care Agency as soon as possible.

The Health Care Agency has indicated it understands the concerns raised and will soon explain what alternative arrangements are in place for various categories of patients.

The elderly and patients with chronic illnesses are the most frequent users of health services in Seychelles.

Not only is the COVID-19 illess expected to be harsher on the elderly and the chronically ill, but also it is rearing its ugly head on other aspects of life and health.