Seychelles Patients Association praises, demands more patient safety efforts from all care providers

On World Patient Safety Day on 17 September this year, Seychelles Patients Association commends the Health Care Agency, the largest health services provider in Seychelles, for its extraordinary efforts and success at keeping patients safe.
This commendation follows the way in which the Health Care Agency has handled cases of COVID-19 in its facilities this year.
“The Agency handled the COVID-19 cases at the North East Point Home for the Elderly in March and the cases at Seychelles Hospital later in the year, with exceptional professionalism and resolve. This resulted in minimal further health consequences to the patients,” has noted the Executive Committee of the Association.
“These two success stories show clearly that there are remarkable structures and processes in place in key areas of the Health Care Agency to address patient safety,” says the Executive Committee of the Association in its commendation.
The Association notes the extraordinary effort made to improve infection prevention and control throughout the Agency but calls on the Agency to strengthen any residual structure and process that that may still pose a threat to patient safety.
“In these COVID times, any patient appointment or consultation denied or postponed is a serious concern for patient safety,” agreed members of the Executive Committee.
Although the international attention this year is on “safe maternal and new-born care”, Seychelles Patients Association wants to stress on the safety of all patients.
“Excellence in all areas of health care must become both the perpetual aspiration and method of all care providers in Seychelles,” stresses the Association.
With the significant increase in private clinics, pharmacies, laboratories and private care homes in Seychelles, the Association calls upon all the other care providers to invest as much time and physical resources as is required, to ensure patient safety, always and everywhere.