By 31ST December 2019

  1. More than five patient participation fora conducted under the aegis of the Association.
  2. Regular training and other capacity building on patients’ rights and patients’ safety issues conducted
  3. Four (4) different short patients’ rights and safety education/information videos produced and broadcast in appropriate media
  4. A Patient Information Helpline that links patients and their families with needed services created and actively operating
  5. At least one patient support group (of the alcohol anonymous type) created and working under the aegis of SPA
  6. 500 copies of the first one hundred words and phrases of a medical terminology translation phrase book for foreign doctors, health care assistants and patients produced and disseminated.
  7. At least three patient waiting areas upgraded with new patient information material and other upgrades done to improve the environment
  8. Universalization of Patient Solidarity Day commemoration and conferment of Patient Solidarity Award in first week of December
  9. Active involvement in all health policy debates and taking clear positions in such policy debates.


By 31ST December 2020

  1. Evidence that projects started in 2019 are still operating exists in the public domain
  2. Evidence of involvement of Seychelles Patients Association in all major patient-related policy matters is in the public domain
  3. Written position papers of the association on all major patient-related policy matters have been put in the public domain.
  4. Further Universalization of Patient Solidarity Day commemoration