The Bad

Situation One:

Failure of Communication leading to distress of a caring relative

Reported on Friday 25th January 2019

A very irate 77 year old lady complained heavily to the Representative of Seychelles Patients Association about a certain doctor who was caring for her 75 year old husband.

The lady said that the doctor showed a disgraceful lack of respect for her and her husband when the following exchange happened.

When the doctor saw her in the vicinity of the patient in the hospital, the doctor asked her if she was related to the patient. When she said she was, the doctor vehemently told her that he was discharging him and that if she (the wife) wanted to fight him (the doctor) for discharging the man, she was free to do so. She said the doctor further said, with the same vehemence, that a long week-end is approaching and that he was not going to take care of the man over the week-end. The lady wondered whether the hospital does not operate on week-ends.

Her vexation is with the doctor who spoke to her very badly, according to her, and without any provocation on her part. She is requesting the minimum of an apology from the doctor, otherwise she would raise hell and high water to make sure that this never happens again to anyone.

The Seychelles Patients Association commiserated with the patient and offered a verbal apology to her and said that it would request an investigation from the Health Care Agency on the matter and any appropriate follow-up actions thereafter.